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Hey fans, it is your friendly neighborhood drummer, Shon Medin. We have been back from tour for a month and are missing the tour life with the great friends that we made. God has done a lot of great things on tour to and through each one of us. I will give you one of many of the stories that happened. If you want to know more of stories just leave us a comment or email one of us and we would be more than happy to share them with you.

We went to Colorado Springs and were hosted by $5 Ministries, who took great care of us. During one of our off days our bassist and a couple of the members from the other bands from the tour went to get supplies for everyone. Drew came back afterward and asked PJ and I where we stored the guitars that day, whether it was in the back of our truck or in the church we were staying at, because he had come back and had seen that the back window of the truck was open and nothing was back there. Guess where the guitars were stored? The back of the truck. Turns out that while Drew was driving, our 7 string guitar and 5 string bass had slid out somewhere along his drive (due to some bad packing on my end). PJ and Drew drove out right then and tried to retrace their steps. On the first run around they found our 5 string bass. PRAISE GOD!!! One down, one to go. They came back and gathered the rest of BREAKTHROUGH to go out with more eyes to search for the 7 string. We started praying and asking God to show us where the guitar was. Half way through tracing Drew’s steps (or drive) things were looking down like it was gone and we would need to change up our planned set for the next concert. Until… *pause for effect*. PJ’s phone rang from a number no one knew. Pj picked up and this was the conversation:
PJ: “Hello.”
Kind Lady: “Are you Paul Medin?”
PJ: “Yes ma’am, I am.”
Kind Lady: “Do you own a guitar with 7 strings?”
PJ: “Yeah, I do. Did you find it?”
Kind Lady: “Just to make sure, what color is it?”
PJ: “An orangish color depending on the lighting.”
Kind Lady: “Yeah, we found it out by the sidewalk. We heard a diesel truck come driving by and all of a sudden we heard a loud thud and saw that it looked like a guitar. We figured if other people saw it they might grab it so we ran outside and snatched it up for you.”
PJ: “Thank you very very much! We thought it was a goner. Out of curiosity, how did you know to call this number?”
Kind Lady: “We opened up the case to make sure the guitar was in good condition and found a receipt that said ‘Toggle switch repair. Brown Guitar Factory for Paul Medin.’ and it had your number so we figured we would try it.”
PJ: “Thank you so much! We will be right by to pick it up!”

BOOM!! Answered Prayer!! We went to the Kind Lady’s house and picked up the guitar and paid them handsomely in BREAKTHROUGH merchandise and a lot of thank yous. God provides every time you ask Him. Sometimes it isn’t in the most predictable way, but He still provides. We thought He was going to say, “Look to your right (or left) on this road.” but that isn’t how it happened. PJ’s guitar broke one year ago when it fell over right in the middle of a concert and broke the toggle switch. We thought, “BAD TIMING!”, but it turned out to be the set up for saving us from losing a guitar forever because of the repair receipt that was there because of the broken toggle switch a year prior.

When something goes wrong, something breaks, a relationship ends or you just aren’t feeling the best, know that if you ask the Lord for help and give it completely to Him, He will take that situation to help build you up later. Who knows, maybe your pain then will save someone’s life a year later because you understand what they are going through and can help them. God will heal you in the process, too. God never puts us through something that we cannot handle. Praise Him when you’re going through the storm and you will come out the other side happier and stronger than when you entered it. God bless you!

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